Backstage during “Play Dates” at Towle Theatre
Height: 5’0″   Weight: 138 lbs   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown   Voice: Alto/Belt, G3-G5
Theatre Experience:
Boeing Boeing Bertha Dunes Summer Theatre Jay Españo
Hershel and the Hannukah Goblins Al Strawdog Theatre Hannah Todd
Hedda Gabler: A Play With Music Berta/Band member TUTA Jacqueline Stone
Maker of Worlds Martha Stewart, et al. Three Cat Productions Jeri Frederickson
Fiddler on the Roof Yente Timber Lake Playhouse William Hayes
Hitler on the Roof Dr. Goebbels Akvavit Theatre A. Robinson/K. Franklin
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Gertrude Metropolis Perf. Arts Center Josh Sobel
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bottom Piccolo Theatre Jason Martin
The Cherry Orchard Lyubov Andreievna Ranevskaya Piccolo Theatre Zachary Davis
Crashing With Flamingos Peg Towle Theatre Jeff Casey
Norma and the Maniac Norma Redtwist Theatre/The Orchard Alexander St. John
Play Dates Stacey/Wendy Towle Theatre Marty Grubbs
Hansel & Gretel: The Panto Baba Clava Piccolo Theatre Claire Hart
Xtigone Chorus 4 Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble Alexander St. John
Alice Cook, 3 Cards, Musician Nothing Without a Company Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
All My Sons Lydia Eclectic Full Contact Theatre David Belew
When Angels Wept Eileen New Lincoln Theatre Gerald H. Bailey
Six Dead Queens Catherine of Aragon The Greenhouse Ensemble
Robin Hood: The Panto Spirit 2, Peasant 2,
Wench 2, et al.
Piccolo Theatre B. Sloane
& G. Proud
Six Dead Queens Catherine of Aragon Piccolo Theatre Ensemble
Out Of Order Gladys Metropolis Performing Arts Ctr. David Belew
1512 West Studebaker Place Mim Brain Surgeon Theatre Liz Ladach-Bark
An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein Sylvia, Annie,
Georgia, et al.
Shadowmen Lavina Jadhwani
Vaudeville & Vixens Comedian Piccolo Theatre John Szostek
Lust, Lies, and Marriage Dottore Piccolo Theatre Antonio Fava
Sinbad Camellia, Pirate, Dancer Piccolo Theatre John Szostek
Navy Pier Pranksters Pirate Clown Navy Pier Dennis Watkins
An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein Merrilee, Jen, Lucy, Barney Born Naked Theatre Lauren Golanty
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Tragedian, Ambassador Piccolo Theatre Zac Davis
Earl The Vampire Gretchen Thunder & Lightning Ens. Chris Arnold
Ambition Facing West Marija, Alma Thunder & Lightning Ens. D.B. Schroeder
Jack & The Wild Goose Chase Cow, Black Magic Operator Piccolo Theatre Lorraine Masterson
Fear and Misery in the Third Reich U/S, performed Haven Theatre Josh Sobel
Charlotte’s Web Wilbur Georgia Ensemble Theatre Robert Eldridge
Funny Valentine Ginny Multishades Atlanta Pamela Turner
Macbeth Siward Atlanta Classical Theatre Kimberly Jurgen
Land of the Free Fall Bertha, Karen, Lily Working Title Playwrights K. Ken Johnston
Treasure Island Mrs. Hawkins, Redruth Georgia Ensemble Theatre L. Larson, E. Levi Lee
Hatful of Rain Celia Underground Theatre Dante Santacroce
Academy Theatre Tour Team Various Academy Theatre Frank Wittow
Blessed Assurance (world premiere) Sally ART Station David Thomas
Film Experience:
Dinner is Served (short) Amy Jonathan Fairfield
Life Support (web series) Laura Michael Sanchez
Chosen Female Demon #1 Bren Allison
Jack O’Lantern Agnes Ron McClellen
Séance Brenda Ron McClellen
Improvisation Experience:
5B class performances at iO

2nd Base Comedy

Blank Stage Players

Gorgeous Ladies Of Comedy

Academy Theatre, dream improv

Education and Training:
The Art of Slow Comedy I & II (with Jimmy Carrane)

Improv classes at iO & The Annoyance

Movement semester at the Moscow Art Theatre School and The Shukin School at the Vakhtangov Theatre, Jan. 2005-May 2005

Moscow Art Theatre Winter Program, January, 2005

Stanislavski Summer School, 2004

Voice Over Technique workshop; instructor: Paul Armbruster

Studied at the Moscow Art Theatre/GITIS school (through the National Theatre Institute) Fall/Winter 1998

B.A. in Theatre Studies at Guilford College, May, 2000

Related Skills and Experience:
Instruments:String & Electric bass, piano, some percussion

Dialects:American Southern, Midwestern, Texan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Cockney, Standard British, Essex, Croatian, Russian, Spanish
experience in dialect coaching

Movement: Karate & Aikido, Yoga, Laban, Suzuki, Grotowski, Acrobatics, Clowning, Anne Rudolph, Psychocalisthenics, Commedia

Languages: Basic French, some Russian and German

Miscellaneous: Fire-eating, whistling through fingers