Hitler on the Roof

Akvavit Theatre
Summer, 2017
Meet the Cast: Amy Gorelow as Goebbels
Photos © Karl Clifton-Soderstrom



“Recommended” –Picture This Post

Hitler on the Roof has a lot going for it beginning with the very impressive and ultra-physical performances by Gorelow and Torrence. Both actors give everything they have and command the stage with their presence and commitment to their roles.” -Noel Schecter, Splash Magazine, Highly Recommended

“Gorelow and Torrence transform into their respective dark, insanity-inducing roles while beautifully incorporating humor and slapstick….They command the stage, they grasp the audience with everything they have. One scene has the audience cringing as they witness the degradation of both characters’ minds; the next scene has the audience induced into a fit of laughter as Reifenstahl searches through hilarious facial and physical expressions for Goebbels’ proper title. The pair’s cat-and-mouse-like chemistry is hard to match.” -Danielle Levsky, New City Stage, Recommended

“Amy Gorelow and Jay Torrence broadly play Joseph Goebbels and Leni Reifenstahl. Costumed in drag, designed with period detail by Piper Hubbell Robinson, and sporting their own garish clown makeups, these two talented actors tear up the stage.” -Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review, Highly Recommended

“The two-character play, directed by Kirstin Franklin and Amber Robinson, stars two accomplished Chicago clowns. Amy Gorelow plays Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, and owns the first 40 minutes of the play….Gorelow, a small but antic performer, opens the radio show after dragging the broadcast desk out of its storage space. During the long opening segment, Goebbels dances, performs acrobatics, sings and leads the audience in a singalong.” -Nancy Bishop, Third Coast Review, Recommended