John Lennon’s guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music
Studio Experience:
Rough Crossing Bass for Piccolo Theatre
Sweets Bass Kathleen Lombardo
In Like Flint Bass with Jolly Moe
Live Performance:
Mister Pfisto and the Singalots Bass/guitar TUTA Gala
Jolly Moe Bass Custer Fair
Greensboro Community Orchestra Bass
Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Bass
1996 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremonies Bass
Theatre Experience:
Hedda Gabler: A Play With Music Bass/guitar TUTA
Six Dead Queens/Inflatable Henry Bass Piccolo Theatre
1512 W Studebaker Place Bass Brain Surgeon Theatre
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Banjo Piccolo Theatre
Norma and the Maniac Banjo Brain Surgeon Theatre
Alice Melodica Brain Surgeon Theatre
Sketch Show Electric Bass Bricklayers Festival
Clown Orpheus and Eurydice Washboard bass Filament Theatre
Lust, Lies, and Marriage Bass/pit percussion Piccolo Theatre
Education and Training:
3 years of duets with Mark Bynum

9 years of bass lessons, instructors: Ken Billups, Ralph Emerson

10 years of piano lessons, instructor: Carol King

String bass

Electric bass

Washboard bass