John Lennon’s guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music
Studio Experience:
Rough Crossing Bass for Piccolo Theatre
Sweets Bass Kathleen Lombardo
In Like Flint Bass with Jolly Moe
Live Performance:
Mister Pfisto and the Singalots Bass/guitar TUTA Gala
Jolly Moe Bass Custer Fair
Greensboro Community Orchestra Bass
Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Bass
1996 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremonies Bass
Theatre Experience:
Hedda Gabler: A Play With Music Bass/guitar TUTA
Six Dead Queens/Inflatable Henry Bass Piccolo Theatre
1512 W Studebaker Place Bass Brain Surgeon Theatre
Sketch Show Electric Bass Bricklayers Festival
Clown Orpheus and Eurydice Washboard bass Filament Theatre
Lust, Lies, and Marriage Bass/pit percussion Piccolo Theatre
Education and Training:
3 years of duets with Mark Bynum

19 years of bass lessons, instructors: Ken Billups, Ralph Emerson

10 years of piano lessons, instructor: Carol King

String bass

Electric bass

Washboard bass