• narrated 18 books
  • 25 years professional acting experience
  • male and female, age range 25-100
  • accents: Standard American, Southern (antebellum, Atlanta, North Carolina, Texas), New York (Brooklyn and Bronx), Midwestern American, UK (RP, Cockney, Estuary, Irish), Russian, German, French, and Spanish

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Commercial Demo


Animation / Video Game Demo



Audiobook NarrationResume


Fiction, Narrative, YA, American Accent


Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, American/British Accents


Nonfiction, Biography, History, American Accent


Nonfiction, Memoir, Dry, Humorous, American Accent


Fiction, Romance, Sarcastic, Humorous, Slight/Deep Southern Accents


Fantasy, YA, Dystopian, American Accent


Fiction, Romance, American Accent



“The Giant’s Giant by Mark Cheverton is a fantastic tale expertly narrated by Amy Gorelow and I enjoyed every minute of it.” -Amazon Review

“The Giant’s Giant by Mark Cheverton is an interesting friction; with different dimensions. Amy Gorelow nailed the performance.” -Amazon Review

“The performance of the narrator brought all the work the author put into this book to life.” -Amazon Review

“You have no idea how perfect sounding you are for this part. Better than i even imagined in my head. Hearing your newest…gave me chills.” -a happy producer

“SUPER professional and easy to work with! LIGHTNING turnaround time! Amy really got into the spirit of the project and knocked it out of the park!” -another happy producer