Maker of Worlds

Three Cat Productions
Winter, 2018
Martha Stewart, et al.
Photos © Jason Smith

Maker of Worlds now playing through December 29

Check out what audiences are saying about "Maker of Worlds" by Wendy Schmidt. Starring Amy Gorelow. Direction by Jeri Frederickson. Original music by Roy A. Freeman. Choreography by Amber Wuttke. And crew including Jack Cannon and Emily Reneé Nelson.

Posted by Three Cat Productions on Friday, December 7, 2018



“Amy Gorelow does excellent work to bring this particular world to life, peopling it with distinct characters in a fantastic performance and using some simple props, from Tiffany’s wheeled office chair to Warren’s martinis, to enhance the character work. We also feel compelled to note that her trident skills are on point.” -John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theatre NYC

“Martha (God), her husband, and a whole host of characters across time, all played with great fun by Amy Gorelow….Gorelow played each of the characters and did a good job considering the wide array of personalities she had to portray. She weaved through each voice skillfully and, to her credit, gave unique life to each of them…Gorelow had a great warmth that took over the space throughout the show and put a smile on the audiences faces.” -Max Berry, Theatre for the New City

“…she is a convincing god with smiting and petulance on her mind….The talents of Ms. Gorelow are undeniable.” -Alex Miller, All About SOLO

“[A] truly terrific Amy Gorelow stars initially as Martha….It’s all quite creative and wonderfully enacted by Gorelow…[she] is worth the price of admission alone.” -Seth Arkin, Seth Saith

“The teaming of writer Wendy A. Schmidt, director Jeri Frederickson and actor Amy Gorelow is a chemical victory.” – Hi! Drama

“A shit ton of absurdity.” -an audience member