Painting at the Beach

On Saturday, The Rogers Park running club got a bench spot to paint at the beach near Farwell. I didn’t know about it until later in the day, on account of how i hate FB and don’t go there, but I eventually rode my bike over and got in some last minute painting. It was so fun, and there were SO many people down there! I painted for a couple of hours, and when we finished for the day, I sat and listened to a band playing nearby. The water was too wave-y and lifeguarded for swimming, but I bought some lemonade from some kids and walked through the nature path. I took some video for future projects, because I may one day need a tree blowing in the wind. Or waves on the sand. Or footage of walking down a path. You never know.

I walked by all the other spaces, and they ranged from kids’ painting to professional artists that I really enjoyed watching work. And it was bittersweet, because their work will only be around for a year. And I guess that’s the point; the pictures mark the year and what is happening, and they are ephemeral, which makes them even more special to see.

This is why I moved to Chicago. You cannot beat a Chicago summer.*


*Unless there are manatees. Manatees beat everything in the world.