Not all beaches and cream

So yesterday was horribly frustrating. I couldn’t get my demos to upload to my site, so I couldn’t send out queries to producers or authors, so I felt stuck, and all I did was look around sites like The Voice Over Network and Facebook* and get overwhelmed. I had to edit a chapter to calm down and remember, “Oh. This is why I do this.” And also, “Oh. This is why I’m a theatre actor in Chicago, and not hustling in LA.”

So, my body, feeling awful, told me that this is unsustainable. And I decided to make a plan: Post, don’t look. The internet is mostly ugly, and it’s not for you. You get to exist in the real world, in forests, backyards, beaches, and your own private Disco Booth.



*Feh. May Meta grow like an onion, with its head in the ground. But now that I’m Marketing Me, I kind of have to.