Things I Did Today

A working day in the life of a voice actor:

  1. Walk Augie, or W’augie.
  2. meditate.
  3. check email.
  4. eat strawberries and granola, the breakfast of W’augers.
  5. edit 2 chapters. (they were short.)
  6. take a nap. (Didn’t get one yesterday.)
  7. warm up.
  8. check email.
  9. record a chapter.
  10. 10 minutes of Pilates to rest the voice.
  11. record 2 chapters.
  12. check email.
  13. lunch.
  14. let a fly out of the house.
  15. check email.
  16. research producers for what seems a ridiculous amount of time.
  17. send a single email to one of them.
  18. write this list so I can look at it and hopefully see that I am, indeed, not just sitting around wasting my day, and, universe-willing, be able to look back at it in a year or so and think, “Ah yes, back in the days before I was inundated with work, and had time to frolic, check email, and let flies out of the house.”

Here’s hoping.