Amy Gorelow

"That thing's bigger than you are!" -everyone above the age of 50 who has ever seen me with my bass

Music History

Amy took piano lessons at age five for a few weeks. She tried again when she was seven, and this time they stuck. At twelve, orchestra was opened to her grade, and she panicked, thinking there would be a mad rush for the string bass. She was surprised and disturbed to find out that not everyone wanted to schlep a bass back and forth, but that opened up the field for her. She was recruited for the DeKalb Youth Symphony in seventh grade, and played there until she graduated from high school. At 13, she began taking proper bass lessons, and at 16, she dropped piano to focus more on the bass. In eighth grade she was chosen for the All-State orchestra, and in twelfth grade she was chosen to be in the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. In 1996, she played with the ASYO in the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics, conducted by Michael Kamen. She has kept her skills up to date with lessons through college and by jamming in Atlanta with Mark Bynum, a freelance jazz bassist.

In Chicago, Amy has played in the duo Jolly Moe with Ken Raabe. She has provided music for theatre shows such as Lust, Lies, & Marriage, 1512 West Studebaker Place, and Six Dead Queens & An Inflatable Henry. Her music can also be heard on the podcasts Sweets and In Like Flint.